Kylie Cosmetics: Is it worth it?

Hey guys, This is a little makeup review of Kylie Cosmetics, I’ve bought a few things from her before mainly from Christmas and Birthday collections. In her last big birthday collection I picked up the pink makeup bag and mini lip kit matte collection. When Christmas was coming she announced her Christmas collection on snapchat […]

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2018: Keeping organised

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last few days I’ve had exams at University and been swamped with work and revision. That leads into the theme of this post. This year I decided I was going to be more organised and keep a track of where I need to be and when. […]

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Botanics Review

Hi everyone, I’ve seen many posts about how amazing Botanicas from Boots is but I’m very cautious when it comes to using new face washes, scrubs and cleansers. I have super sensitive skin and find most things leave me feeling pain and redness after use. However this stuff was brilliant! After using it my skin […]

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15 Facts about Me

Hey everyone, As a new blog and someone who is trying to get into the swing of things with writing and reviews and trying to revise. I thought I’d do a little facts about me! I’m a student at University of Leeds UK I’m currently binge watching friends while trying to revise for my exam. […]

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Personal 2018 goals

Hi, As a first post for the New Year I thought I should cover the things I want to achieve/improve in the new year. I feel goals at any time of the year are important especially when they are achievable. Draw more outside my course I study fashion and find that when I am drawing […]

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Hello there!

Hi! New blogger here, My name is Saff and I’m a student living in Leeds, I’m originally from Worcester but study Fashion in Leeds and find myself often floating between the two. As you can see from the picture I’m not the biggest fan of being on that side of the camera. Not too sure […]

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